Naked Teen Pictures for Christmas

Naked teen pictures

I put naked teen pictures of my dirty daughters in my Christmas cards to all of my lovers this year.  We wanted to give them all something special for the holidays so we thought that a little memento of the mommy/daughter sex sessions we had with them would be absolutely perfect.  They were really happy that I thought of it and so excited to send nudey pics to all of our pussy pounding pals that their tight twats started dripping at the very idea!

With their slits getting slicker by the second, they put on their Santa hats, started posing and told me to start snapping pics before I was even done with my inspirational joint.  My middle chick snatched the J out of my hand, threw me her iPhone and told me to get to it as she finished it off.  Those gals are a handful, you should see how they tag team a guy.  Just like their mom, they get aggressive with cock and will do anything to get it.  If all goes as planned, the pictures I took of them will entice our playthings to bring their juicy packages back around our way.

I took shot after shot for a couple of hours, we had hundreds of options to choose from when we were done.  We couldn’t pick just one, there were so many pretty pictures of my adorable young daughters that we printed several and just sent out a mix.  Hopefully we hear back from some of them so we can plan a fuck filled New Year’s Eve party with a bunch of horny hunks.  I bet the guys who got the close ups of their creamy, hairless cunts will hit us up, no doubt.  Hot and wet young bald pussy is almost impossible to resist! 


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    • Eddie on January 24, 2023 at 1:13 AM
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    Umm sure would love to stroke my cock for you

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