Naked Teen Pictures Make My Teacher Explode

naked teen pictures

My and my friend kept sending naked teen pictures to our teacher. We heard him giving his number to someone and we couldn’t help ourselves. We had been making jokes about wanting to fuck our hot teacher for so long and we saw him checking us out all the time. So, when we got back to my place we wanted to have some fun. We started with pictures of us in our bras and panties but without our faces in them. He kept asking who it was, and we just kept sending dirtier pictures for him to look at. After we got him to admit that we were turning him on we took our clothes off and started sending pictures of us naked. He seemed to really like those and asked for me. It wasn’t until we went him pics of my face on my friend’s sweet little pussy that he knew it was us. He wrote back and begged us not to tell anyone that he had been jacking off to our pics and begging us for more. I guess he’ll just have to wait and see what kind fun we can have with him to keep us from telling!

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