My Sugar Daddy

I have a very special relationship with my Sugar Daddy, he gives me everything I need and more. He’s a very sweet older gentleman, very refined and very very wealthy, and his family has no idea that I am anything other than 100% female. They would all freak out if they knew what I was so we are very discreet in what we do and as long as the gifts and money keep on coming, it will stay our little secret. I’m not really worried about it though, the man worships me like the Goddess I am, he is always very attentive to my every little need or want. And the sex is fantastic! He sucks my cock better than anyone else ever has, he can swallow all 12 inches without hesitation. He loves these 12 inches deep inside his tight little fuckhole too, he’s always begging for more. We have a truly perfect relationship, I think I will keep him around forever!

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