My New Friend

I went out last night to the club. I had a blast. I met all kinds of new people. I was dancing my ass off at one point in the night. Down in the middle of the dance floor I was dancing and having a great time. I just happened to notice a man standing at the bar and his eyes were all over me. I started to watch him watching me and our eyes locked. I immediately felt my panties moisten. This man was turning me on just with his eyes. Oh my. I began to seductively move my body for him while I slowly walked towards him. He sat and waited for me to approach him. I danced right over to him and straddled his leg. I put my hot, wet pussy right on his leg. I know he could feel the heat from me through his pants. I leaned in and whispered in his ear, my place or yours? He grabbed my wrist and led me out of the club. We went straight to his house with barely a word. I let him fuck me all night long. We had so much fun. His house is really nice too. Now I have a new friend that I know I will have fun with. 

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