My New Cleaning Service

Damn!  Summer is almost here, and I still haven’t done my Spring cleaning!  So, I decided to call for backup.  I’d heard of an all-male cleaning service, and figured I can’t go wrong with that!  Men have been calling for naughty maid services for the longest; it’s about time someone provide comparable services from the other side!  I scheduled for a 6-hour, thorough service.  Jackson showed up 10 minutes early, so we could discuss the specifics of what I wanted done.  Oooh-wee, this man was fine!!  And, that ass…um, that ass!  After going over my list, he began working, while I sat back and enjoyed the view.  He noticed when my wine glass was low, and automatically refilled it for me.  That act of submission earned him a break.  I tapped the couch, and beckoned him to sit next to me.  When he did, I placed his hand on my thigh, and began flirting.  He did what came naturally, and that hand crawled its way up to my g-string.  I let him pull my panties off, from up under my dress, before I spread my legs for him.  Through his skin-tight shorts, I could tell he was lacking in the penile department, so I knew he’d be fascinated once I revealed my big black cock.  His face was en route to my crotch, when I spread my legs for him.  I cocked him (literally) on his forehead!  LOL

He took his time sucking and worshiping my dick, and I took my time stretching and stroking his perfect, twinky hole.  He didn’t get much cleaning done, but that just means he’ll have to cum back…

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