Maid Macey At Your Service

I have been looking for another job for awhile. I filled out some applications at the local bed and breakfast that is ran by three hot brothers. I have been waiting to hear from them for about a week now. Well, they called me today and asked me to come in for a interview. When I got there they asked a few questions about my work experience as a maid and then told me to wait in the hallway in front of the office while they discuss my application cause they needed someone to start today.

A few minutes later one of them come out and tell me that they need me to do part two of the interview and then they will decide which girl is right for the job. I was surprised when they asked me to put on a maid uniform. Then they said once I am done changing go to room two and clean it and do everything they explained that needed to be done. I walked down to room four after changing.

There were three hot brothers standing in the room with their huge cocks in the hands they just smiled and said this isn’t a normal maid service. We do not need you to be a cleaning maid, all you have to do is service us and be our little slut of a maid. So, knowing I am the little cum slut that I am. I sucked everyone of them off like a good little maid.

Can this maid be at your service?

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