My Foot Fetish

Lick my feet, suck my toes, just touch my feet and it sends an electric shock right to my honey pot bringing the juices flowing. Most of my girl friends don’t get it and a lot of guys don’t either. I love to take a man’s cock in between my feet and jerk him off while feeling the heat of his hard dick throbbing on the bottom of my feet. Let me put my toes in between your lips while your love stick is deep in my twat and feel the juices drip down your balls and my ass as I cum so hard you make my body shake and quiver. I know you get it. I know you love playing with my feet and driving me crazy as much as I love you to, don’t you? I love to feel you squirt your hot load all over my feet then wipe it off with your fingers and feed it to me while jerking your dick before you ram it deep in my ass for one final explosion. You love being my foot fetish boy. And I love it when you are my foot fetish boy!


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