My Conquest

When I am bored I need to find fun and interesting things to do. I usually end up playing a game with myself. I make up the rules and I am the one running the show. This time I have decided that I am going to go out and find some fucking dude and just fuck his brains out. I want to find the biggest nerd I can. A geek that I know is likely a virgin, that has never even seen tits and ass except for in pictures and the porn flicks he jerks off to. I want to give him a taste of some real pussy. some freaky, kinky, sleazy fucking that he will never forget. the kind of fucking that will make his dick hard every night when he is all alone and thinking about his one and only piece of ass. The kind of fucking that will make all other pussy in the future seem like nothing but a step above a vegetable. Yeah I want to ruin this poor fucker for life. I will know him when I see him and God help him he has no chance against me!

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