My cheating boss

Married men phone sex



My boss is married but who gives a fuck right? When you are cock craving ho like I am shit like being married doesn’t get in your way of a good dickin down. Especially from someone as hot ass my boss. He’s got the biggest schlong I’ve ever seen over 11 inches that thing impales the fuck out of my twat when we bone. When he empties his balls inside my cunt that jizz spills out the sides of my box he’s got so much cum in his nutsack. When he finally does blow his nut he grunts and groans like a animal. I swear the office people next door can hear us having sex. He can never get enough pussy. I’m sure his wife must know but she probably just doesn’t give a fuck, she gets to stay home and play house all day so that bitch has it made. I’m jealous. I just might forget to take my birth control so I can get knocked up and get to stay at home and make a baby in my tummy. I’m just going to  be his breeding whore and see how he likes that!

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