I Drug You To Have Adult Baby Phone

adult baby phone sexI love babying my little ones with Adult baby phone sex. Every man needs a break every once in a while! I would love to take nice care of you honey. I can see you in your cute little onesie and diaper with an adorable hard on that’s barely bulging against your full diaper. Does it turn my baby on that his diaper is all full and mommy is about to change it? I’ll be nice and slow so you can have the best experience in your life. After all, I take very good care of my babies. Let mommy stroke that cute little cock of yours and play with your baby boy balls. Aww, you look so cute when you cum all over your fresh diaper. Such a good little tot for mommy. When my littles don’t want to play or do it, I sometimes have to sneak something special in their drinks. That way they can give into their desires to be my little one. Or they just need a break from their wives and want me to take all of their stress away. I love it! I love jacking off my little man’s cock and watch him cum all in his diaper all for me. Or I’ll suck them off during their diaper changes! *Giggles* I’d love to babysit you and secretly do naughty things to you… It’s out little secret, okay, baby?

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