My boss’s surprise

When he hired me I knew that he had no idea that I was anything more than just a beautiful woman, he had no clue what I was really packing between these pretty legs. I was content to keep it a secret too, until I caught him watching tranny porn, that’s when I knew that he was going to be my next sugar daddy he just didn’t know it yet. I made sure to stay late with him that night and after everyone else left I went into his office and sat on his desk right in front of him. He was stuttering and asking me what I was doing, he kept telling me he wasn’t interested, that he was a married man. I just laughed at him and spread my legs, lifted up my skirt and pulled out my rock hard twelve inch cock. He stopped protesting then, all he could do was sit there with his mouth gaping open practically drooling on himself. Poor man was in shock I guess but he got over it quickly when I pulled his face down to my dick and slipped the tip past his lips. Suddenly he was like an animal! He was sucking on my cock like he was gonna DIE without it! I almost came right then but managed to hold myself back, I didn’t come in here just for a quick blowjob, I wanted MORE! I got up and bent him over the desk and pulled down his pants so I could fuck him. He was trembling when he felt my cock pushing against his asshole, but it wasn’t long before he was begging me to fuck him harder. I leaned down to whisper in his ear ” you belong to me now” just saying those words made him cum all over his desk! He immediately sank to his knees to clean my dick and swallow all my cum like a good boy and when he was done, he told me that he would do anything for me, just like I knew he would. He’s already so addicted to my cock, that he’s given me my own company credit card with no limit and we are going house shopping tomorrow!

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