My best friend boyfriend

biggest cum shotWell, that hot threesome did happen with my best friend lysni and her boyfriend, After a long-awaited fuck we made the damn thing happen. I had an absolute blast fucking them. I got to enjoy both my best friend and her boyfriend, I really didn’t that that was going to happen but it did, and I’m glad it did. The thing that happened next I didn’t really anticipate. Lynsi boyfriend ended up sneaking into my room the very next day, He wanted me all to himself. He whispered in my ear as I was still half asleep he wanted to fuck me, I awoke and realized it wasn’t a dream. I sat up and was actually instantly turned on, he then insisted he wanted to give me the biggest cum shot right in my pretty face and tits. I was quickly put in a compromising situation, but what was I to do? I knew how good he fucked but I also knew my best friends number one rule was she had to be in the room if we were going to fuck, so what did I do? I let him fuck me of course.

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