Music Man

hot ass sex musci manI never thought that being with a man with no sight would be such a turn on. He knows how to play my body just like he plays that guitar of his. When he played for me the first time, signing the blues, I could feel his hands touching me with every strum of the strings, his voice so passionate that it entered me and made my body react involuntarily. My pussy began to quiver and twitch and my nipples grew so hard that they ached. I wanted to feel his hands on me and not watch him caressing the guitar strings. I wanted the mouth that was singing the sad melody to cover mine in a deep and long kiss. I could feel his pain through his music. I have always been very detached. Sex and fucking are a primal and primitive ritual meant to bring pleasure and instant gratification but not meant to create any type of emotional bond. His sultry ways and intense passion were stirring things inside me that were foreign and uncomfortable and yet exciting and intriguing all at the same time. He must have been able to feel it because he stopped playing and told me he wanted me to let the music guide me. He encouraged me to masturbate while he played so he could smell the sweet and musky odor of sex while he played. He said it would inspire him. I felt a rush of fluid seep out of my pink pussy lips at the erotic thought of him enjoying me masturbating by smell instead of sight. Obeying him as if in an erotic and hypnotic trance I removed my clothes and as he began to play I closed my eyes and let the music and his voice guide my hands and bring me into his world. All I could think of was how I wanted him to stop playing and give himself to me the way I was giving myself to him and his music. I couldn’t see his cock behind the guitar so I had no way of knowing if it was hard or soft and the not knowing was driving me crazy. But my mouth was dry and I was so into the moment that I couldn’t even ask. Finally after what seemed like an agonizingly long time, he put his guitar down and laid me back. Using just his sense of touch he found every sensitive part of me and took us both to a place I have never been but will be returning to soon. Guided masturbation dixie

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