Mother-Daughter Sexy time at the doctor’s office

My oldest daughter is such a fucking slut! I am so proud of her! Mommy has taught her well since the day she was born. Today we were at the doctor’s office and she was wearing a short mini skirt I could see her round little perky cheeks when she walked and boy was it sexy. There was a male nurse that I could tell caught her eye. As soon as she saw him she “accidently” dropped her school books she was holding and seductively bent over to pick it up. She was wearing a small; I mean small string thong. It barely covered he hairless, plump, teen pussy lips. She knew what she was doing. I could see a little wet spot on them showing mommy just how much she wanted Mr. nurse to fill her wet hole. He also took notice and I saw his scrubs start to get tighter around his aroused cock. Mother-Daughter phone sex DemiHe stood there staring in shock and she had enough time to walk over, whisper something to him, and walk back to me before he snapped back to reality. A few minutes later she said she had to use the little girl’s room and I let her go. After 15 minutes I grew concerned and went to the door where I heard my little girl moaning in pleasure. I wanted to see! Why does she get all the fun? So, I peeked in and admired mommy’s little cow girl riding his big, magnificent, dick like he was a bucking bull! Oh, I know he was having the time of his life. I stood there admiring how she was grinding her hips on him and popping that cute little ass up and down the full length of his shaft. He looked up at me and I smiled. When he made eye contact with me he smiled and came. I know this because her pace slowed and as she slid his dick out I could see his cum dripping from her tight hole. “Damn the doctors gonna love this!” I thought knowing she was here for a pap smear.

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