Motel 6

As I swipe the magnetic card for the motel room my pussy is already dripping wet. knowing what will cum. I have an hour to shower and change into a naughty little number. I have a bag full of goodies that are going to make the night very interesting.
He called me last week and we met for lunch. I didn’t expect him to bring his wife, but they came together. A very nice couple but frustrated in the bedroom. He showed me his little dick and was honest about the fact that it didn’t satisfy his wife. They had talked about it and decided that she wanted to try some huge black cock and they wanted my help. After a bit of negotiation I agreed to help. So here I am.
I called one of my fuck buddies that has a huge ass dick. He will arrive first. And be waiting in the bathroom waiting after I suck his dick and get him nice and hard.
When they get here I will set “little pecker” in a chair and provide him with a bottle of baby oil. He will be nothing but a spectator in this game.
She has been instructed to wear a hot little number under her clothes. I will undress her and set the stage. I have some flavored oils and lotions and plan on using my mouth to get her pussy nice and wet and ready for cock. I will call him out of the bathroom and hold her down while her husband watches his wife being taken by this 10 inch black cock.
I love these types of little games. Time is ticking and they will all be here soon. It’s show time!

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