My Dreams

As you already know I have a dream to be the best porn star ever! Last week I went and applied at a local little place that makes small time porn. It was such a fucking amazing experience. I did not get to be in any videos yet. I did get to watch and see how it all works and they said they are going to be calling me this week for one. OMG! I am so so exicited about it! I want to be the HOTTEST pornstar there ever was. 

Afterwards, I ran into a man man that I had modeled for on Valentine’s day. He told me he wanted to show me what he had done with my pictures cause I had not been in touch. I just decided I’d much rather do porn. He showed me them and I loved them. So now, in the mean time while I wait for my spot light in the porn industry I am going to be doing some nude and lingerie modeling. ( I just hope I can fuck some of the photographers.) *Wink*

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