Make It Rain Money

I love being your cum slut. I love cumming for you. I love it when you cum for me. There is no better way to make money in the world then to hear my phone ring and wonder what hot, sexy fantasy we are going to share. I love it when you make me so wet that I can’t help but rub my clit till it is squirting all over my hand in a hot sticky mess that I have to clean up when we hang up. The real good fantasies I dream about at night and wake up cumming all over my bed. all i want to do is sleep in it enjoying the feel of the gift you gave me even though you didn’t know you did. I often wonder if you dream of me and wake up with your hard dick in your hand aching to call me again so we can cum together one more time. And the bonus is I get paid to cum with you and play with you. Then i get to go shopping for more toys to play with when you call and sexy outfits to wear when we play. The only thing that makes me smile more then cumming with you and for you is money. Yes money sure does make me smile as much as your cum.

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