Crazy Things We See

Being a phone sex operator is an adventure every day. Besides all the interesting fantasies we get to share with all of you awesome men out there. Besides cumming all day every day together. Besides going out and getting wild and crazy just for the fun of it. We see some crazy ass shit thanks to some crazy ass bitches. We all know that chicks love to stuff their cunts with anything that could make them cum in new and unusual ways. So today I thought I would get high as fucking hell and share some of the crazy and funny as hell shit chicks do with you. Of course I couldn’t help but create little captions and thoughts to go with each one. Feel free to share your captions in my comments if you think of one. So let’s have a blast with this one, I promise you will get a laugh or two today! Are you ready?

Why did the chicken cross the road?

To get to the inside of course!

Have you ever had cell phone reception issues. Wonder why suddenly you loose signal and the call drops? Here is the reason why….

Can you hear me now? Can you hear me now? That is one way to have phone sex….just saying!

Do you love sea food? Have you been searching for a seafood market where you can get the freshest fish available?

Smells like fish but taste like chicken…..so they say!

And finally my favorite. Where was this when Hall and Oates were producing records? This one is made specially for them, or so I think….

“OOOO hear she cums….she’s a man eater!”

Have a great day my friends, get high, have a drink and above all have a good laugh and a hard cum!

Fuckaliciously Yours,


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