Mommy Makes It Better!

No one likes to be sick.  Even as a fully-grown man, don’t you still wish for your mommy, when you don’t feel good?  Recently my oldest daughter had strep throat.  She laid in the bed, away from her friends and siblings, all day.  I knew she was lonely.  No one was allowed to go keep her company.  While the rest of the family ate dinner, I took her a smoothie, and sat with her for a while.  I read her favorite story to her, and rubbed her back.  When I closed the book, she knew I was about to leave her alone again.  She looked so sad, so I did what always makes her feel better…

There was a time when I would have to rub and pet her little coochie with baby oil for over an hour, just so she would fall asleep.  Now, she knows how to finger herself, and put herself to sleep.  I really miss those special nights.  But, when she’s sick, she needs Mommy to put her to sleep again.  So, I grabbed the baby oil off of the dresser, and massaged her smooth and plump little snatch.  When she started rotating her hips, I slid in a finger…then, two.  Just like old times, I rubbed and fingered my angel for an hour, before she moaned herself to sleep.

Don’t you want some mommy phone sex to send you into Dreamland?  Call me…

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