Mistress Reanna Strikes Again

BDSM Phone Sex


If BDSM fun with a twisted mistress who knows your every desire is what you’re after, then look no further, slime.  I have all of the sinful skills and torturous tools needed to make you squeal like the pink little piggy you are.  Before all is said and done, I’m going to make you rethink ever wanting to be Mistress Reanna’s slave.  I have some poor schmuck in my dungeon now.  He thought he could take it but when I was done with him, I left him down there screaming and flailing about.

I have a new candelabra that has been dying for some hot action so, after he was completely bound, I used a little candle wax to get us both going.  I had him completely caked and covered before we started the flogging.  My whip wielding skills are beyond compare, I lashed him within an inch of his sanity.  The thrashings are my favorite part, I prefer my slaves to be raw and red.  I didn’t stop until he squawked out his safe word… “Manitoba!  Manitoba!”  It was hilarious!

After multiple rounds of beating, pinching, scratching, prodding, shocking, and jerking, I was really fucking horny so I sat back and played with my pressurized pussy while my sub writhed on the floor.  I let him hear me cum but he didn’t get to see a second of it.  Then I clamped up his cock and went about my day.  I can hardly wait to check on him, I have some seriously sordid shit planned for round two.


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