Missing You

I’ve missed you, darling. I know you are busy with your new girlfriend, but what we have is special and I want my Benji back. I miss the wild parties we used to go to, and surprising you with trips on your motorcycle to places where we could do secret and dirty and perverted things without anyone else knowing. I have lingerie and leather boots waiting just for you, and I want to feel my pussy vibrate on the back of your bike as we ride off to our next adventure.

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I made some new friends nearby, and they are dying to meet you. Lots of secrets waiting just for you to reveal. I miss your cock in my mouth and my tongue in your ass. I know you miss me too, and I will make sure you cum harder than ever next time you visit me. Look at my pussy and my ass, baby, just waiting for your hands to grope and grab me the way you used to. Please don’t make me wait too much longer, I need my partner in crime back soon.

I will wait for your call, so next time you’re out and about I hope to hear from you. You are the sweetest and yet sickest (in the best possible way) man I know, and my addiction to you loving me will never go away. My pussy is wet just thinking of your voice. My nipples are hard, and I will rub my clit thinking of you tonight when I go to sleep. I am here for the taking, and I need you to take me. XOXOXOXO

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