Missing My Brother

Today I was just sitting at home watching a movie when my brother called me. We are very close. Actually, I love his cock! I love all of my brother but I really love his cock. We have been close our whole lives. Well he is off at college now and I have been missing him terribly. So anyways, he called me today. Or so I thought he did. I was sitting there saying hello over and over and no one ever responded. Then I heard muffled moaning and a lot of smacking noises. I knew immediately that I was listening to my brother fuck some chick. From the sound of things he was really drilling her. I listened the entire time. I was sopping wet thinking of my brother’s cock going in and out of some random bitch. I wished I was there so I could clean her off his cock for him. Once I heard him give her his load I could not take it any longer. I went to take a cold shower to try and calm myself down. Well that didn’t work so I said to hell with it, turned on some hot water and decided to finger myself. I pretended that my fingers were my brother’s cock and I fucked my hand so hard that I think I may have sprained my wrist!

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