Mind Fuck


My mind is racing with thoughts of you, your smell, touch, and sultry kisses.  As I wait for you to arrive at your office, I am fucking you in my mind. Damn baby you got my mind going crazy and this kitty purring like a cat in heat. Grabbing at my tit forcefully trying to imitate your teeth biting and pulling my nipple. I can feel your cock pulsating between these jugs as you titty fuck me like mad man.  My body is on fire and only your tongue will put out the flames.  I have my legs open inviting your cock to invade my pussy and fuck me like crazy.  I am so ready to cum on your face that my twat is already dripping. The door open right before I let loose and cum all over your desk.  I already mind fucked you so now let me body fuck you.  You have the best girlfriend ever so please me as I please you.

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