Mika Always Cums First!

Guys love to pick up girls from the bar. Especially when two sexy black sluts show up right? My friend and I decided to go into town and pick up a horny perv and show him who’s really the victim. Of course this handsome fella got caught up in our trap and we seduced him and got him back to our hotel. We told him to get on his knees and see what special surprise we had for him. I don’t think he was ready for not 1 but 2 big black dicks in his face. He bitched up really quick. He started sucking our superior black dicks and worshiped our heavenly bodies. I knew he was a fag, a good cocksucking fag at that! I loved the way he gagged on mine as my friend Alicia stroked his tight man hole. Before we could even bust a good nut he came all over his self. and My most important rule is…. Ladies always come first.

We turned his wimpy ass over and gave him smacks on the ass while we double penetrated his pussy. That’s right, two huge 10in dicks going in and out of his slut hole at the same damn time!

Serves his ass right, After we punished him to our liking we squirted our load in his mouth and made him our cum bucket.

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