Message In A Bottle

I am your message in a bottle. I washed up on the shore of your life. When you opened the bottle you got the message you had been looking for. A woman that would do all the things she never would and not expect anything in return. A no strings attached, kinky affair. I got what I wanted to, someone that had bottled up sexual frustration and tension that would scratch every kinky and perverted itch I have, no questions asked. You come to me not because you have to, but because you want to. She would tell you what a sick fucking freak you are for wanting to do the things that make your blood boil and make you cum hard fulfilling your needs. But I don’t, I know what you want, what you like and how you like it. With me your fantasies are fulfilled, your desires are met. I know that you want me to lick your balls and ass while rubbing that hard cock up and down with my hands. I know that you almost cum on the spot when I stick my tongue in that tight ass of yours. I know that you love to shove that cock in my mouth while spitting all that jizz down my throat. I don’t think it is nasty or gross but instead I swallow every drop and beg for more. Just like the slutty whore you need. And you give me all of it in return, fucking me, satisfying me, it is the perfect arrangement. Each time I think about you cumming to me my pussy gets wet and I get excited, knowing that we are about to do things we shouldn’t yet we can’t help it. The best sex is taboo and secret. It is oh so wrong, yet oh so right!

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