Explore Columbus, Explore!

Old Columbus and I have a lot in common. He wanted to explore and have fun and got some old bitch to fund it all so he could have a good time. I would have loved to be the fucking wench on that adventure. Posing for the sailors as they looked through their looking glass to see me there with my pussy lips spread and ready for a good hard fuck. I can imagine getting fucked on the old plank out over the ocean. Hell yes baby ram that cock in me on that little wooden plank. And I can imagine the gang banging I could get out there in the middle of the sea. All those horny bastards lined up to fuck my pussy raw one right after the other while they are drinking ale and sharing with me. I would have dick in my face and ass and pussy all day everyday. Swabbing the deck would be something they would have to do to clean up all the cum and mess we made. Hell yes if I was there Columbus and his crew would sail more then the ocean blue in fourteen hundred ninety two!

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