I had the best night EVER. I had a new boyfriend but things were really working out. So I told him I was gonna have to kick him to the curb cuase I really wanted more in the bedroom. Like .. I want ANAL. And he didn’t do that! Right??? So we got into this big fight cause I said he needed to fuck me like I needed or I would find someone who would. And that really pissed him off so he said he would give me what I wanted. He picked me up and threw me on the bed!!! That’s what im talking about! He flipped me over on his bed and pushed both my hands up and before I saw it her put handcuffs on me! I couldn’t move. He slid down my legs and tied me feet to each corner of the bed! I was really thinking things were starting to get good when he told me he knew exactly what a slut like me needed. He called all of his friends and EVERYONE of them came over and took turns fucking my ass! I have never had my ass stretched so much and I LVOED it!!! OOOh I still kicked my boyfriend to the curb..with so many great cocks why waste my time one him!!!

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