Meet & Greet With My Fav!

College coed sex Matt’s cock is so fucking thick I can feel him stretching me open every time he pumps me full of his cock. He loves sticking his thumb in my cute little ass hole as he pounds me out. He told me his girlfriend won’t let him fuck her in the ass or even touch it. I knew if I did all the things she won’t do he might want to keep fucking me whenever he needs to get his nut. We fucked for a few hours and he came at least 4 times; he said I drained his balls better than any bitch he has ever been with. 

I loved hearing that; it gives me a little bit more of a chance to be able to get that cock whenever I want. Ever since I started camming and taking requests from guys, etc I have gotten so much more attention and arrangements. I have guys hitting me up all the time looking for a meet up or content ideas. At first Matt was giving content ideas when he would tip me; then he got too horny and needed more.

He finally messaged me and arranged a meet up; I had no idea he was close to where I live. So it was pretty easy to go meet at a local public spot and then go back to his place, etc. He made sure his girlfriend was gone for the day and night so we could get nasty. It was such a fun time; I came all over his cock I lost count of how many times. We got super drunk too so it made sloppy sex even more fun. I am going to keep camming so I can get some more dick appointments lined up !!

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