If one were to ask me my ‘sexual orientation’, I would tell them that it is BDSM. BONDAGE and DISCIPLINE/SADISM and MASOCHISM. All of my relationships fall under the umbrella of BDSM.  I learned when I younger.  My upbringing thrusted me into this very intense lifestyle.  Pleasure is control and giving up control. The chemistry between us allows our roles to be established, naturally.  The mental connection that I develop with my partners goes beyond any conventional relationship that I have ever had.
Pain is a language, an art, a sport. Restraint is a teacher: Like hot coals removed from a fire and tossed into the ocean; it causes a chemical reaction.
In my opinion, true commitment exists within the BDSM subculture. True sexual gratification, true mental stimulation, true emotional connections are achieved through the release, the tension, the charge obtained. Inequality is accepted. ‘Informed consent’ is a necessity. Sex is not vital, but a part of.  
I want to be with you. To be your student or your teacher.  Come and be with me.  Together, we will explore, enjoy, and give in to our mental and physical lusts. I started as a student of submission. In that, I have learned how to effectively dominate. Come and enjoy the satisfaction and flexibility that I can provide to you as a ‘switch’. I will be your BDSM China Doll, when you crave spice.  

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