Master, Please

Once in awhile I like to be a submissive cum slut for a handsome, huge cock master.  I am going to my master’s house to be thrown around and beat the fuck up.  When I arrive my master is being very nice which is not normal at all and it is making me very nervous.  He gives me a glass of wine along with a soft wet kiss on my lips and I start shaking inside.  What the Hell is going on tonight with my master?  Has he gotten soft on me?  Out of the clear blue he slaps me on the face so hard my head starts to spin.  He shoves a ball gag in my mouth and then ties a long rope around my neck.  Tossing me around, ripping my clothes off my nervousness is exchanged with excitement.  Bending me over the sofa he slammed his cock in my hot wet pussy like a mad man on crack.  Every time he went inside me the rope around my neck was pulled tighter.  In a matter of minutes I had little air exchange and I got really scared because the ball gag prevented me from screaming.  I hope he allows me to live.

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