Making My Big Brother Proud!

Brother/Sister Phone SexWhen I want to make my tight little pussy squirt hard, I just think about my brother and his friends passing me around like a fuck toy! Some of the best orgasms I’ve ever had were with my brother and his group of friends in our parent’s basement. I remember that day after school so clearly, Jake and his basketball friends were playing games on the tv downstairs. I heard the games switch to porn and I got curious, my brother already stretched out my little twat to fit his thick dick but I hadn’t ever been fucked by anyone but him. As soon as I crept down the stairs my cunt started throbbing, I peeked through the railing and saw my brother and his friends all with their cocks out. My mouth watered; I got goosebumps at the idea of getting caught by them.

My hand slipped on the railing and my petite body tumbled down the stairs to the basement, I blushed hard as I got up. My brother laughed hard at me before grabbing me by the hand and leading me over to the couch where his friends were with their dicks exposed. I suddenly felt my top being pulled over my head, my skirt was yanked down to my ankles. I stood their naked, my cunt leaking and my nipples hard; I saw every cock twitch as all five of Jake’s friends looked at my developing body. Jake told them he taught me how to fuck and that they should use me like their personal cum rag.

My ears were ringing, I was mortified and so turned on at the same time, all of their cocks were hard just for me, I had to make my big brother proud by letting them fuck me senseless. Jake shoved his cock in my mouth as they watched, I felt my cunt being fingered and they laughed at how soaking wet I was. I came as soon as one of their cocks sank into my cunt, they fucked me hard and fast, moaning loud and exclaiming how tight I was. I felt so full by the second load in my pussy, the third cock was longer than the others and I felt it deep in my belly. I squirted hard as I felt the head of the longest cock, I’ve ever taken rub my cervix for the first time, they laughed at how wildly I shook as my orgasm overwhelmed me. They used my tight little school girl pussy over and over again just like Jake told them to, I fucked like my life depended on it, I couldn’t stop cumming until I had hot creamy loads leaking down my legs.

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