Making It Fun

kinky phone sex alanzaEvery year the idiots in this town celebrate Arbor Day. It is the lamest ass thing ever! It is a sugar coated affair, lots of little brats running around. Planting little trees, no drinking or raising hell. It is all very boring. Last year I went out early the day after and pulled all the fucking trees up and had a bonfire. This year I had to top that. So I found a pansy I took him to the park right to the center where all the festivities were going to occur in a few hours. I had three rolls of Gorilla Duct Tape. The boys held him up for me, my pussy dripping as I began taping him to the tree, knowing that everyone would see him there. Finally he was secure and as I stood back admiring my handy work I shoved my hand in my pants and finger fucked myself to the sight before me cumming all over my fingers before putting them in his mouth and ordering him to suck them clean. I left happy and satisfied knowing I would be back in a few hours to take a picture of him surrounded by the people. Happy fucking Arbor Day you lame ass mother fuckers!bondage phone sex arbor day

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