You Made Me a Great Meal, Thank You!

Preparing and eating a great meal is always a thrill. Exotic dishes give me an intense adrenalin rush. Believe it or not, I have noteworthy culinary skills (sinister laugh).  I love to pamper my taste buds. Of course, the best feast is one that is made with the delicacy of human flesh.  I have mastered cutting off, separating, and preparing all of the delicious parts. There is a way to cook the flesh, where it tastes better than the ‘finest meat’ . It is simply to die for!  It is all in the seasoning (sinister laugh).  I love to marinade a nice, fat, testicular ball sack, or stir fry a diced and sliced dick shaft, or even pot roast a  firm pair of buttocks-I hope that you go to the gym honey (the ass tastes so much better when it is firm). Thinking about it makes my mouth water (sinister laugh). I will only cook (you) my favorite meal upon request, or if I am turned on by you.  In that instance, I will prepare you for my pleasure (in many different ways).  For you, cannibalism phone sex may go like this:  I invite you over for a night of sadistic pleasure, prepare a hot bath for you (containing a marinade mixture that will tenderize your meat), having you soak for about 3 hours.  While I prepare you, I offer you bottle of your favorite wine. Once I feel that you are ‘ready’, I will skillfully cut off your prime parts, separate them, cook them (medium-well) and enjoy them with a full course meal that may include mashed potatoes and green beans, topped with my Mother’s recipe for a scrumptious seminal gravy. Thank you for a great dinner!  Too bad it was your last (sinister laugh).

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