Lycanthrophoenix! DCLXVI

My alter ego (Lycanthrophoenix) takes control of my body each and every time that a man tells me that he has fallen in love with me (during a full moon). Sexual changes take place, causing me to have primal, animalistic urges and cravings.  These uncontrollable urges cause me to seductively control, mate with, and claim the life of my lover. 

I scratch his back with my long fingernails; breaking the skin and leaving a sensual trail of blood which trickles down, lubricating our fuck.  My breasts grow deliciously plump, my nipples become erect, and my moans of pleasure become intense-howls of ecstasy as his cock plunges deep within my hungry pussy.  My thighs become ultra lean; gripping his waist firmly as I rhythmically push back on each thrust that he gives me, likened to a conductor of a ‘dark’ allegro musical score: forcing load after load of cum from his fatigued testicles.  My hands become strong, sensual tools of erotic massage (rendering him helpless to my touch).  My kisses become fiercely intoxicating, as I nibble, suck, and then bite his neck, lips, and nipples (drawing blood).  I get on top of him and work his cock within my newly transformed hole of glory, as I scratch his chest and ride his cock furiously (my juices splashing: drenching his pelvis).  A 10 inch member grows from behind me and immediately inserts itself inside of his asshole and thrusts repeatedly, filling his hole, penetrating him.  His seed impregnates me, erupting deep inside of my cervix;  simultaneously, I claw him to death. 

So far, six men have met this fate, as Lycanthrophoenix had become a part of my life, 6 years ago (in June) I love my alter ego-she is a fierce beast who has made her mark: (Disclosure 13:17-18).  I would love to introduce you to her *sinister laugh*.

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