Sweet Juicy Berries

My girlfriend and I have had our eyes on a couple of new guys in the neighborhood. Fresh meat is always a challenge and we like to do things our own way. They just finished unloading the moving truck a few days ago so we thought we would go over and introduce ourselves. When they opened the door it was obvious that they hadn’t gotten far in the unpacking department. Being horny little neighbors we offered to cook dinner for them and bring it over. They offered to provide the drinks and accepted our offer. What guy turns down a home cooked meal? We started shopping and planning as soon as we told them we would see them latter. Dinner was going to be good but dessert was going to be better. Strawberry short cake with whipped cream and we are going to be the short cake. Needless to say our pussies stayed wet the whole time we were cooking. We kept going over the plans so we knew just what we were going to do. We made a huge pan of lasagna and a salad and packed up our strawberries and whipped cream. As soon as dinner was over we told our new friends we had a treat for them. Taking out the strawberries the first thing we did was put one between our lips, sharing it without using our hands, berry juice dripping down our chins that we had to lick off each other. Then we blind folded the guys and got undressed. I laid down first and let her cover me with whipped cream and strawberries. When we told them to take off the blind folds she was eating the strawberries off me and licking whipped cream off my body, inviting them to join in. Once I was clean I laid her down and they helped me cover her and we licked her clean. It wasn’t long before we were all naked and fucking, whipped cream and strawberries every where….it was a long dinner and an even longer dessert. BonAppetit!


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