I Love Playing With Furry Friends

I love feeling like a yummy peanut butter sandwhich!  I love to be naughty with furries!  My favorite thing, is to put some peanut butter on my clit, and the opening of my pussy, and to let my furry friends lick it out.  Their tongues feel so good on my tight, wet cunt.  I love to rub my little friends, while they are eating their good-ol meal.  When they do a good job, I reward them.  We may go for a walk together, or I may give them their favorite snack. I love to let a friend watch me when a furry is licking my twat.   I love furry friends phone sex! I will lick my furry friends’ pussies and dicks too. I love getting fucked by furry dicks. It makes me feel like a nasty ol-bitch. Some furries hold on to my cunt and don’t let go, until they cum deep inside of me-huffing and puffing.  Other furry dicks are so big and long that I can’t even hold them with one hand (some are longer than my arms).  When these furries cum, they spray so much, that my mouth and my whole body gets flooded (I was raised around these big-ol furries).  Furry cum tastes so delicious!  I can eat it all day long.  If you like furries like I do, lets play!

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