High School Sweetheart

While I was out shopping tonight I ran into my old high school sweetheart. While we were talking for a few minutes a woman walked up to us and he introduced his wife to me. I think his wife could tell that he was hesitant about doing it. I think she knew just as much as me that he still wanted me. I told him and his wife to have a good day and walked out  Soon as I walked out I heard him yelling my name when I turned around he told me that he wanted to see me later and handed me his phone number.

Later that night I called him and he came over to my place. I heard the knock at the door and told him to just come in I think I surprised him when I was in a very sexy outfit for him and was ready to have him fuck me the way he used to back in the days. He walked straight over to me kissing me softly and then just pulled my shirt up so he could suck on my nipples and finger my pussy making me so fucking hot the way he used too. I climbed up on the chair and bent over for him and let him have his ways with my holes feeling him explode over and over again with every thrust deep inside of me.

I pushed him down on top of the chair and straddled on top of him fucking his dick as hard as I could as he sucked my nipples making my pussy soak his dick making it so slippery wet. I slid right down and licked and sucked all my cum off his dick. It was a fucking night me and him will never forget. I know his wife can never give it to him like I do, I will always be his little sweetheart.

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