I Love My Family

I recently heard a fantasy and it got me so hot and bothered so I wanted to share it with you! I am at home alone and one of my sisters comes over. I have a lot of sisters so this is pretty common. I go to take a shower and my sister is in the living room watching a movie with a guy friend of mine. I come out in just my towel to walk to my bedroom. I hear moaning from the living room. My sister is on her knees in front of my guy friend. Is she sucking his cock? A closer look reveals that she is licking his rock hard erection. What the hell are they doing? I start to think this is wrong and I should stop it but then the heat coming from my still wet pussy forces me to think differently. I am so turned on by this. Suddenly he stands and sees that I am watching. He grins at me and asks if I would like to join. I respond no, I am enjoying the show. He takes my sister’s hand and helps her up from her knees. He slowly undresses her and tells her to lay down. He opens her legs and I see her young, pink cunny dripping with her juices. I can’t help myself my hand goes down my body to find my own snatch. I slip a finger inside at the same time that my male friend is rubbing the tip of his cock all over my sister’s little pink hole. He keeps rubbing until he comes all over her. I can’t stand it any longer I have to taste this! I run over and begin to eagerly clean her with my own tongue. Seeing my round ass up in the air for the taking my friend slips his cock in and begins to fuck me hard while I clean my sister with my tongue. Mmmmm, I love this fantasy! Do you? What are your fantasies? I would love to know ;0

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