Lost and Found


The other day I was walking around the mall and got myself really lost. For some reason, I can’t ever stay close to my Mommy! I kept wandering around to look for a nice adult to help me, but I was still scared. Grown men kept looking at me really serious-like. Their looks always make me nervous. That’s because I know that they like to touch me in my private places now. I decided to go wait in Claire’s, the sparkly pink store with pretty barrettes and earrings, even though my Mommy and Daddy wont let me get my ears pierced. Mommy would find me there! But she didn’t…..because I never even got there. Instead, just as I was passing a water fountain, I bent over to get a sip of refreshing cool water, and I felt someone put his hand on my little girl bottom! It was a big, strong, grown-up hand, and it started squeezing my little cheeks. The thing is, we were out of sight of nice, happy people and I was all alone with a stranger! “STRANGER DANGER!” I started screaming. “STRANGER DANGER!”

The scary stranger man swooped down right in front of me! There was oodles and noodles of fierceness in his eyeballs. “Be quiet,” he warned me with a mean hiss. His scary grown-up hand had moved away from my bottom to clamp over my mouth, instead. My terrified shrieks were now nothing more than muted aggression. I tried to kick him like my Mommy told me to do if I was even in danger, but the scary serious grown-up man just clenched my jaw harder until I whimpered painfully and cut out my screaming. “Good girl,” he breathed in my face. His breath stank of the hearts and souls of many little good little girls before me. I also could’ve sworn I’d gotten a whiff of sopping, musky kitty juices on his tongue. My own little cunny started getting a little wet right then. That’s because the sweet spot between my legs has learned to grow moist when stranger men and women touch my privates.

“Good,” the scary stranger man conceded. “Now, I’m going to take you to my favorite, special store, little girl.” He waited for me to nod before he went on. “It’s called Spencer’s….you ever been to Spencer’s?” With his hand still suffocating my mouth, I shook my head. My jawbones were really starting to hurt from getting squeezed so hard. Also, a little bit of saliva was dribbling out of my mouth, on account of the fact that my lips were skewed open slightly. This made the meanie man laugh. “Well, kitten, I think the two of us are going to have some fun together….” I shivered as the stranger dragged me away from the hiding spot behind the restrooms, where the water fountain was.  I followed behind him like a good little girl because he told me to pretend to be his daughter, or he’d kill me and my whole family. Then he tugged me into Spencer’s which was NOT pink at all! It was all painted black and made of bricks, and there was graffiti everywhere. The scary stranger man went to the front, and pulled me by my little hand very hard to go along with him. I followed petulantly, and he picked out some weird things from the wall. There were little beads that looked like necklaces, and teeny tiny egg-shaped bullets. After the guy checked out, he forced me back to my hiding spot, and pulled down my pants behind the water fountain.

“I hope you like my little gift, girlie,” he cackled evily. Then he spread my butt cheeks and stuck the necklace right up my bottom hole! I screamed, but it just made him happier, and he rubbed the hard, erect front of his pants against my little girl backside. Then he grabbed the little bullets and touched something on them, they started making a noise like BUzzzZZzzz. He stretched open my little kitty and shoved those bullets inside of me, too! I was screaming and crying so hard, but he kept abusing my little holes while he jacked off at the same time. Then he exploded his load inside of my panties, and made me pull them back up and wear them like that. I waddled tearfully back to the front of the mall, where my Mommy was waiting for me. I didn’t say a word about it…..but I just hate Spencer’s very much….

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