Loose Woman….

You know how some people just piss you off? It is the way they walk or talk. For me It is the bible thumpers who wont take no for an answer. I believe in what I believe. I am very spiritual. And to have some little bitch tell me I am wrong because she said so. Well … that pisses me off. But today.. today was so far beyond rude, I just couldn’t let it pass. I got a knock at the door. When I opened the door it was a sweet young thing. She asked if I have been saved. And of course I have. But then she went on … She said she could tell I was a loose woman by the way I dressed. That a lose woman is a sin in God’s eyes. That if I didn’t change my ways I would burn. I told her it was time for her to leave. And she REFUSED. She said she could not let a “lose woman” live in her neighborhood, without her trying to FIX me.. FIX ME??? Fuck no. that was to far. I invited her in. And then knocked the bitch out. When she woke up I had her tied down in my dungeon. I reminded her (while I was stripping her down) that god said love thy neighbors. And to not judge. Oooh and of course he without sin cast the first stone. I was going to teach the bitch what a lose woman is. And then I am going to watch her burn. Stones she should not have cast are coming back to haunt her. Once she was completely tied down and naked. I pulled out my double dick fuck machine and lined it up with the little bitch. She started screaming. Begging me not to hurt her. She said she was a virgin. Lol… Not for much longer! I plugged my toy in and watched it rip thru her ass and pussy. I listened to her scream as the machine fucked her for HOURS. And I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. I asked her as I was leaving for the night… Who’s the loose woman now. I could hear her sobbing over the machines hum. I will let the bitch enjoy her fate for the next few days. Then the real fun starts. I wonder if I will just burn her. Or share her first? Mmmm choices, choices…

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