Titty Fucking Sex

Hot titty sex! Who doesn’t want to hear about that? Let me share a story with you. Last night I was at a party and decided to join a poker game. I am not very good at poker, but after a few drinks you think you can do anything. It was a game of strip poker and, well, I was stripped in no time. I can get very stubborn however, and wanted to keep betting even after I had nothing left to bet. So I decided I would bet myself. Well I lost that bet too. I got passed around that table and I loved it. I was used and abused and then used some more. I sucked dick and ate pussy too. I can’t even remember how many times I was titty fucked. That seemed to be what everyone wanted. I can’t blame them though. My titties were made for fucking! I can not wait to do that again. Who knew I would cum like that and so many times. I even squirted! I have never done that before. I loved having so many cocks to play with. I can not wait till next week because they said I can play with them every week!

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