Sex Bot Fun

Imagine being able to order a sex bot especially designed for you. You can program it to be whatever you want, teach it to please you in ways a person wouldn’t because of hang ups. A sex bot that can look futuristic or like a human, what ever you desire. He or she would be at your beck and call and satisfy your every sexual desire on command with out complaining. Never having a head ache or being tired. never complaining if tonight you want a quicky and tomorrow you want to go all night. Never bitching cause you fell asleep with out snuggling or because you don’t want foreplay this time. I often fantasize about a bot lover. One whose cock I can change from huge to tiny if I wish. Can you imagine adjusting how tight your pussy is every time you fuck? They are already making these. I long for the day that they are affordable and not such an unusual idea. Soon one will be mine and he will know just how to please me every day! I can’t wait to have my own sex bot!

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