Living On The Edge

Edge Play Phone Sex


Edge play phone sex with me will have your needy cock so close to cumming that you’ll be begging me for an ultimately sweet release.   Your dick will drip and ooze so much pre cum that I’m sure you’ll wonder if something is wrong with you.  I have no problem stroking and tickling, kissing and licking a rock hard johnson for hours and hours, just knowing that when I finally let that swollen prick blow, the explosion will be so extreme that my special man toy will scream and wail in sweet agony as cascades of sweet cum erupt from his massive member.  When I give a cock permission to blow, it blows like a busted water pipe from all the jizz that built up from the hours of teasing and pecker play! My cunt gets so wet knowing how much power I have over a cock and balls in my hand and the rivers of cum that they produce for me.  Want me to slurp it all up with my mommy mouth?


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    • Henry on January 7, 2022 at 2:49 PM
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    Make me drip sexy

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