Living my Nightmare

Rape Phone Sex FantasiesI was sitting at a bar for the first time in a while just drinking my life away when some very sexy man came and offered to buy me a drink. I couldn’t say no and unfortunately, I didn’t see him slip something in my drink. After about an hour I wasn’t feeling so well so I decided I was going to get some air, but I must’ve passed out when I got outside. I woke up in a strange basement hanging from a bar with a gag ball in my mouth and a bar spreading my legs apart. I started to moan from the huge headache I had when the man from the bar came out. He told me what had happened last night and that he had been watching me for a while. He told me that he had been thinking about how sweet and tight my pussy would be since he first saw me, and I started to get scarred. He put the bar over his shoulders, and he went right into assaulting my pussy. He shoved two fingers into my tight cunt to stretch me out while I was screaming and trying to get away. He lowered me onto the mattress that was underneath me and forcefully entered my tight cunt with his huge cock. He fucked my tight little hole hard and fast, but I guess that wasn’t enough because he lined up his cock with my asshole. He force fucked my tight holes and pulled out to cum all over my face. He said I better get used to this because I’m not leaving anytime soon.

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