Little Bo Peep Lost Her What????

I love turning nursery rhymes into family fun, incest, p stories. It makes things interesting, and gets things started for lots of fun and playing nasty games with Mommy Melinda.
Our stories include things like Little Bo Peep lost her virginity, Mary had a little lamb and lots of furry fun, Peter Peter pussy eater…you get the idea.
Sometimes I write little nursery rhymes for them and we recite them over and over while doing things like taking baths or making sandwiches together for lunch.
Recently I wrote this one for them and they love it!

“Fun Things We Do”
We love cunnies, we love peckers
And little legs around our neckers,
Little fingers and little lips
Little hands upon our hips,
We love to feel a little suck,
Followed by a little fuck.
Diddle, diddle, diddle do,
Diddle me and I will diddle you,
We love peckers when they’re small
We love cunnies one and all,
If you play with your winky,
We can get really kinky,
Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum,
Fee Fi Fo we’re going to cum,
Little Miss Muffet bouncing on your tuffet,
Little Boy Blue blows more then his horn,
Nursery rhymes are fun to play,
When we play our special; way,
So cum play with us too,
Mommy Melinda, your friends and you.

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