Lick My Pretty Pink Kitty!

Daddy has been showing me no attention today! It’s just been him, his football and beer. My kitty has been purring oh so badly. She needs some good loving tonight! I’ve pranced around in my sluttiest, cutest outfit… I even stood in front of the TV naked! Not even a second look. You know what’s the next step right? I’m going to walk right up to daddy and put my cunnie right on top of his nose! *giggles* The sweet aroma of my little cunt will grab his attention for sure. She’s so pretty and right in his face he won’t have a choice but to stick his tongue out and lick it. MMMM I’m getting wet just thinking about daddy’s long tongue going in and out of my pretty pink kitty! Don’t forget my asshole… oh what am I saying?! Daddy never forgets! I love the way he flicks his tongue up and down my pussy and slides up right to my puckered hole!  It just feels so good I gush all over daddy’s face! That’s what I want so bad! I want to cum all over daddy’s mustache!  Could you help me get ready? I’ve got my fingers in my pussy right now but I need you to make this pussy nice and wet with your manly voice! When I put my pussy on daddy’s face that sweet pussy juice will drip on his lip and it will be over… or just getting started!

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