Library stroker

phone sex

I had quite the naughty run-in at the library today. So I planned that I could enjoy a day out and then come home for some Phone Sex. It was a very boring day up until I decided to go look at books, of all things. Personally, I enjoy books, I love movies I love anything that has to do with Arts and creating. For some reason, I never thought I would get aroused well, I’m looking for sci-fi books. Well, that’s precisely what happened after a couple of minutes of browsing through the Sci-Fi and drama aisle, I found something that was even much more entertaining. There’s a guy that was looking at me and playing with this dick he was actually cornered into an area where no one could see him but I could. So I feel he made that purposefully so I could have a peek. I must admit that I enjoyed watching him jerk.  When I got home, all I thought about was him writing my legs in the middle of the aisle and fucking me while I screamed and pleasure. You know they say You’re supposed to be nice and quiet at the library, but I prefer to be loud and naughty.

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