Let’s Spoil Each Other

bratty girl phone sex sasha

I guess I’ve gotten a little spoiled. I only had to tell him once and he’s been calling me ever since, spoiling me rotten. I’ve gotten to be quite the little brat. It’s really not my fault he gives me all his undivided attention – and that he likes to talk about our days before our fun together. He tells me I’m fun! How sweet is that? He even emailed my boss and let them know what a great call we had. He promised to be my regular and did! He called me just like he said he would! It’s a rare thing to find these days, all these men and Daddy’s calling to hear my voice but never doing a call – I know that if you gave me a chance you would realize I could drain your balls just like my favorite caller. Just ask him, I’m sure he’ll tell you how I suck his cock dry and how he cums to the idea of me…his cock is hard and throbbing for me. I know he’s been thinking about me all day, I think I’m worth thinking about don’t you? I told you I’d become quite the little brat. You’ve got a spoiled girl on your hands, but it’ll be worth it once your cumming hard to my moaning in your ear, and your hand wrapped tightly around your cock. You’re just dying to see what my lips will be like for you, sliding the very base of your fat cock, swirling my tongue all around. I won’t forget to give your balls a little suck too while I guide your hand down to my waiting wet pussy, begging to be fucked. Mmm, what will you do?

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