First Time with Daddy

My daughter was very excited about spending the day with me today.  We planned an entire day of fun and amazing things to do.  What she didn’t know is Daddy would be joining us so I could teach her how to make Daddy feel good.  She already knows how to do a few things, but her Daddy feels she is ready to move on.  Our daughter is wearing the prettiest dress, and she was so proud to show Daddy.  I sat her on Daddy’s lap and lifted her dress and removed her panties as I started to rub her lit and stick my tongue inside her.  She put her hand on my head and leaned back while opening her legs for Mommy.  As I got her ready for Daddy’s cock she started to moan and buck up against my face.  I felt she was ready so I laid down on the bed and she climbed up and buried her face in my cunt while Daddy fucked her from behind.  She was a little nervous because we don’t usually play with daddy, but I could tell she was enjoying the feeling of his cock ramming in and out of her little hole.  She has never eaten my cunt that vigorously before so I know she was feeling good.  We played this way for several hours before Daddy left and it was just us again.  I’m sure this will become a weekly occurrence for us since we had such a great time.

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