Here Kitty Kitty

hot phonesex desireeWe fucked all morning and when I left to get us some breakfast and coffee he was sound asleep. I was very careful to be quiet when I got home in case he was still out. He was such a fucking manly fuck. All take charge in the bedroom despite the fact that I am 11 years his senior. Generally I like being the dominate one in the bedroom as the cougar and my young male friends are subservient to my wishes and desires. It was kind of nice to be told how he likes it and man handled a bit for a change.
I was as quiet as a mouse as I went to the bedroom to snuggle him awake for breakfast.
He was up all right, his back was towards me. He didn’t even know I was standing there watching him, amazed as he looked at himself in the mirror. Dressed in my hello kitty boy shorts, garters, thigh high stockings and a bra.
Well I’ll be damned.
My pussy was instantly wet at the site of him and my mind screamed out for me to take control and make him mine in this hot and kinky situation.
i walked around the bed so he could see me and demanded to know what he was doing. As he tried to stammer an answer I began barking orders. Telling him it didn’t matter what he was doing. he didn’t have permission to be in my panties and now he would pay for his indiscretion. His dick grew three sizes and my pussy was so wet I could hardly control myself.
Breakfast was all but forgotten.
I made him kneel before me and suck my pussy. I told him he wasn’t to say a word. all he needed to do was follow orders.
With his cock standing at attention he knelt in front of me I placed his hands one on each of my ass cheeks to insure he didn’t fondle his cock while he was eating my pussy. I began to cum hard filling up his mouth.
He looked up at me with pussy juice all over his face and I looked down telling him not to move.
I walked around to my dresser and puled out one of my dildos. I made him stand up and turn around , spreading his ass I shoved it inside him.
I let him know in no uncertain terms that he was to hold that in his ass until I told him he could remove it and that now he would sit and eat the breakfast that I was out getting while he was rummaging through my things.
He asked if he could cum to which I replied harshly “When I am ready and I give you permission. right now we eat”
Watching him sit in a chair with a dildo up his ass trying to eat and wiggle into a comfortable position was so funny it took everything in me not to laugh.
But when we were done and got up from the table his hard cock was still poking out from under my hello kitty boy short, I knew he was enjoying this.
I made him clean up the kitchen with the dildo in his ass before I took him in my room, laid him on his back and fucked his dick till it was soft with the dildo still in his ass.
Only then did I take it out before we fucked again. I think he enjoyed it as much as I did!hot phonesex desiree3

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